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This ministry is non-racial, non-partisan and not a profit making venture in anyway. Its purpose is to; Evangelism and missions Human Development Philanthropy and Societal support


The mission statement: (Matt 28:18-20). Is to reach the lost souls out of our world with the power of the gospel and to serve, disciple them for his kingdom and prepare them for his second coming.


•Practical Christianity • Human Dignity • Excellence We believe Christianity is not a myth. God's word preached must bring truths that can produce results when applied to one’s life.

Our History

Revival International ministry, a Pentecostal church was founded by the late Prophet Abraham Engman  in the  early 1960s  as a prayer center with the name Christ holy most high temple church before becoming a full church in 1972.
 In 1978 the name was changed to Christ spiritual church to align  with the vision revealed to the founder to deliver souls from demonic oppression. By  1990 the missionary works of Rev Engman has resulted in the creation of six church branches with membership of (350) three hundred and fifty.


Greetings in the name of our lord Jesus Christ amen! I extend a very warm welcome to everyone who is visiting this page for the first time.Whether you are having a look or searching out for a place to worship, we are delighted to have you here.In the gospel according to john 14:6 Jesus saith, unto him I am the way, the truth and the life, no man cometh unto the father but by me. Jesus Christ is our only source for a better life. He is the only WAY and the TRUTH for better human living on earth and eternity Jesus Christ death and resurrection brought unto us.

Michael Adzakpah(2)
revival international ministry


Revival International Ministry is yet to come up with a night of supernatural manifestations. Please make time and join us with this powerful service with great men of God.


Friday morning prayer meeting

Hour of Gethsemane
08:00am - 12Noon

Sunday service

07:30am - 11:30am

Sunday evening

Miracle and Prophetic Service
06:30pm - 9:00pm

All Night Service

Last Friday of the month

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"I loved it and will be there next Sunday. I can say I have never felt enthusiastic about going to church and thus have not attended much in my life, although I have always felt drawn to God. I have never felt at home anywhere, but I genuinely feel the people are truly good people and welcome me as I am."
"Have you ever visited a church for the first time and within a few minutes of the service starting, the Holy Spirit, GRABS A HOLD OF You, Fills you.... up, and you feel right at home? Well it doesn't happen that often with me but it did on Sunday, July 13, 2008 ...".
"We loved the screens on stage for singing. Great idea…no song books and everyone can see. My family and I liked everything about the church. The Pastor preach very well. We used to drive by this church when it was smaller and always wanted to go there some day. Then it grew larger and we knew it must be a wonderful place to worship."

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