Prophet Bright Gee Akpese is a devoted young and dynamic minister of God. He is blessed with the prophetic gift to see beyond the natural by revealing precisely and accurately the deepest and hidden truths of the spirit to bring deliverance to all nations. He seeks to trumpet righteousness to all nations of the world through the power of declarations and prayer.

His spirit filled ministrations are characterized with mind blowing testimonies, the crude manifestation and demonstration of the power of God. Under his ministrations, the spirit of God moves and The holy spirit descends mightily, gravity is unable to anchor the stability of men and captives are set free under the power of the holy spirit.

His uniqueness lies in the his special gift in dissecting and preaching the revealed word of God devoid of adulteration. His ministry is centered on demystifying prophetic mysteries whiles basing his messages on hope, deliverance, faith and love. His divine gift has given him the opportunity to headline many prophetic seminars and services nationwide.
He currently is the resident pastor of the Revival International Ministry head quarters assembly, Kpong.