Rev.Michael Adzakpah

Apostle Michael Adzakpah was born by a fetish priest but rose up as the priest of God for this generation. He is the general overseer of the charismatic church, REVIVAL INTERNATIONAL MINISTRY. He is an Apostle by Calling, with dimensional manifestation in deliverance, healing, teaching and mentoring. Apostle Michael Adzakpah had his advance studies in counselling psychology in South Africa.

Being in active ministry and philanthropy for 28 years, He has mounted and preached the gospel on many international platforms predominantly in western and southern African countries. He is a humble man of God who has demonstrated love and respect to all irrespective of the class, age or social standing. He is a father to the fatherless, mentor, preacher, counselor and leader.

His ministry is signatures by uncommon signs and wonders. People with HIV/Aids, epilepsy, madness, and many others with diverse diseases by the grace of God got healed under his ministration at his Friday prayer sessions dubbed CRY YOUR OWN CRY at the headquarters of his church.

Recently, a family of a dead woman in a car to the hospital first brought the dead woman to his house, laid in a car, but told the man of God that their sister was in coma, after he had prayed over the lifeless body in the car, the woman came back to life to the surprise of her family members, it was then that they confessed to the man of God that their sister was actually dead in the house.

Also, a family (white men) being tormented by Occultism in Denmark came down to Ghana this year, and under his roof, they were all delivered from a 15 year demonic attack!

Apostle Michael has mentored and raised many dynamic world class preachers and men of God in Ghana and beyond and continue to plant and oversee many church branches of the Revival International Ministry. Apostle Michael is married and blessed with four children.